Change management programmes: techmnical analysis and coordination of project teams to facilitate integration and collaboration among structures, to help adopt new management models, to catalogue, capitalise and transmit corporate knowledge, to foster business development, etc.

Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM) projects to increase professional performance through behavioural science (organisational analysis, research of best performers, performance improvement plans, development of competence centres, etc.)

Behaviour-Based Safety (B-BS) projects to reduce the accident rate by acting on the culture of the organisation, i.e. by changing individual behaviours in a lasting way with a scientific approach and trackable results

Training and coaching for the development of managerial, commercial, and analytical-quantitative skills (communication and relational techniques, team working, time and staff management, project management, sales techniques, negotiation, data management, quantity analytics, etc.)

Consulting on participatory sustainability report drafting to facilitate decision-making, measurement of impacts and definition of improvement plans in the social and environmental spheres.

Business Intelligence projects to increase internal efficiency and speed of reaction to market changes  and to monitor sustainability indicators (data-driven governance)


Our specialization areas are: commercial, organizational and human resources development

We try to give our interventions a strong operational orientation. We have long abandoned the strict distinction between training and consultancy, giving to both activities the character of actions on the field to solve real problems for our clients and transfer lasting applicable techniques.

We guide groups of people to reach improvement objectives that are defined and measurable

Our policy is to produce innovative solutions at reasonable prices. For this reason we invest on the engineering of working methods and instruments and on the capitalisation of our professional experiences realized with our clients.

We use a multidisciplinary approach, integrating techniques and tools taken from different scientific contexts (economic, psychological, mathematical, organizational, information technology, etc.)

We work in partnership with our clients trying to transfer all the skills and methods needed to proceed autonomously even after the conclusion of our intervention. Therefore we try to turn every action into an opportunity for growth for customer’s people who work with us and, to cut costs, we are eager to take advantage of all operating contributions that can be offered by the client.